Champlin, MN increases Parks and Rec revenue by $40,000

City of Champlin, MN had different departments, utilities, licenses, parking, payments, parks, which oversaw an Ice Arena facilitating hockey, and open skating all year. They required a Single sign on solution to improve the user-experience of the residents, and the effectiveness for the city utilizing eCity’s Cloud Suite.

Client Issue

Manual Processing Reservations

Champlin was experiencing difficulty precisely planning, and charging for public gathering and park rental demands. A lot of time was spent on a system that required the city to manually process these reservations. The city needed their residents to have the option to view available reservations on the web, and viably deal with the process to decrease time spent on staff manually reserving these spaces.

Nonetheless, every city office interfaces with residents in a different manner and some have their own administration systems and processes. The City investigated various solutions that would take care of the issue at an internal and independent level. This greatly extended the amount of work required for the finance and IT department. These initial solutions required working with different merchants, separate web interfaces, and billing activities.

The City was searching for an effective arrangement with options for consistent branding, assist each office with improving its resident services, while giving a more cohesive and productive process to the billing and vendor management.

Champlin additionally required a solution that was customizable enough to give them the freedom to build upon their digital presence in the future.

Our Response

eCity Online Reservation Module

The city signed up with eCity’s web solutions. With support from sister company, Antaeus LLC, the eCity Transaction Utility offers a Cloud Suite of solutions for faster, and more secure web-based transactions with the capabilities of operating separate, or together.

eCity’s Transaction Utility removed redundancies in the web structure, allowing for a cleaner and easier user experience.

Their newly found capabilities allowed the city to better accomplish simple transaction processes, as well as more complex applications. The city was also now able to track internal transactions via both cash and checks.

On top of the Transaction Utility, eCity has built Park and Rec and Reservation modules which improves citizen user experience greatly. Now requiring only one set of login and password credentials for the city.

Cutting-edge tech allows eCity to offer a lesser amount of needed separate vendors while giving each department freedom to have their separate internet connection, and process separate transactions.

Not only did eCity greatly improve upon these needs, it required less cost than the average Park and Rec system.


  • Customers can now view utility bills, payment history, and make payments online.
  • Separate government log in credentials were consolidated into one web account.
  • Reservation revenue increased by $40,000 in the first year.
  • Workflow for the finance department improved greatly.
  • Because of the increased web presence, the Parks and Rec Department have been collecting donations and selling tickets to local events and concerts.

Why use eCity?

eCity helps cities needing an increase in efficiency for internal systems, and website user experience for their residents.