Mill Valley increases parking permit revenue by 35% – Over $15,000

Mill Valley in Marin County, CA came to eCity needing to automate their RSVP system for parking permit payments.

Client Issue

Manual Parking Permit Processing

RSVP Parking permits demanded too much manual time and resources from both internal city staff, and residents using the site. These inefficiencies caused both revenue potential loss, as well as sub-par parking permit data collection.

Our Response

eCity Cloud Suite

Mill Valley identified eCity’s Cloud Suite to be the solution to their permit and payment issues. eCity’s Cloud Suite offers the city staff a clean and responsive dashboard, and removed all pains of manual parking RSVP permit applications and payment transactions. Set up was easy, full integration took only hours, instead of weeks.


  • In only two weeks after integration, the city was allowed to process over 400 RSVP permit applications.
  • Mill Valley saw revenue of over $15,000 – an increase of 35%
  • Time was saved for both residents and city staff

Key Takeaway

eCity online systems improved efficiency, and communication between city departments. This also lead to a boost in potential revenue.

Why use eCity?

eCity improves small to medium sized governments with inefficient, siloed IT systems.