Muskego boosts recreation scheduling efficiency by 30%

Manual scheduling for the city’s recreation fields was taking city staff too much time and resources. eCity created a custom solution, saving the time of city employees, and residents.

Client Issue

City Recreational Reservation Inefficencies

Scheduling recreation fields in the City of Muskego was competitive. City staff were spending countless hours overseeing field reservations by hand, even though there was a standard arrangement of rules to implement, for instance: open fields were restricted by league and member age, no group could book a field 7 days prior to their practice, start times and length were carefully restricted. The city’s manual cycle introduced an extraordinary open door for the time reserve funds introduced by innovation.

Our Response

eCity Transactions Cloud Suite

Muskego integrated eCity’s Cloud-Based Suite software to overhaul their website reservation systems. This allowed coaches to reserve the fields, instead of city employees. Because eCity’s Cloud-Based Suite is so customizable, they were able to set the needed parameters to ensure a smooth reservation process for all of the city’s leagues.


  • Leaue coaches are now able to reserve practice fields on the city’s site.
  • Time spent on staff managing reservations was reduced by 30%.
  • Correspondance between ground crews increased.

Key Takeaway

With eCity Transactions Cloud Based Suite, city’s will free up more time and resources.

Why use eCity Transactions?

eCity Transactions creates systems that automate processes for reservation management, events, and increase revenue by being more accessible to residents.