Laguna Beach, CA automates business licensing: Saves time, and increases revenue by 35%

The city of Laguna Beach, CA required web accessible license renewals to increase ease for business owners.

Client Issue

No Business License Renewal System on Site

Laguna Beach needed to be able to accept business license renewals on their website. However, it was not that simple. There were several factors which needed to be calculated: First, there being no standard mill rate. Second, late fees. And third, California state specific fees applied to business license renewals.

Our Response

eCity Cloud Suite

Businesses in Laguna Beach now have increased access to the city’s resources, including business license renewals. Since the integration, web traffic and revenue has increased as a product of city processes being more streamlined.


  • Automated business licensing saved time, and increased revenue by 35%
  • Local government tax revenue saw improvement from creating a consensus of mill rate for every industry.
  • Business licensing experienced faster turnaround from the standardized process.

Key Takeaway

With eCity’s Cloud Suite, city’s will free up more time and resources.

Why use eCity Transactions?

eCity works with medium sized cities who want to streamline the business licensing process, while also reducing cost.