West Allis, WI streamlines IT, increases efficiency by 30%

The City of West Allis needed their existing systems integrated together. Their IT department was greatly streamlined, and received a major boost to their efficiency.

Client Issue

Siloed Systems

West Allis is not a big city, but it is not a small community either. Each of their IT systems were siloed, and had their own process. Residents of the city were required to have separate log in accounts just to pay parking tickets, reserve public spaces, apply for permits etc. These inefficiencies caused workflow bottlenecks for the IT staff, but also made it harder to properly train staff as well. Because these systems were not streamlined together, they were required to be updated separately. This caused West Allis to be perpetually “behind the curve”.

Our Response

eCity Cloud Suite

West Allis decided to integrate its city IT systems with eCity’s Cloud Suite. After integration, West Allis resolved all inefficiencies by streamlining multiple city services into one, easy to use platform. The city improved their payment processing substantially through eCity’s customized email functions, stellar customer service, and flexible financial reporting. West Allis can now process online transactions for all sections of the city government, and report them in real-time.


  • Residents of West Allis are now required to need only one login for the city website. This not only increased payments processed, but overall traffic to the website.
  • Instead of separate systems updating independently, West Allis systems update as a whole.
  • The city is now capable of processing transactions online for all needed applications, while also reporting in real-time those transactions to the Financial departments.
  • Decreased payment processing time over 3x.

Key Takeaway

Siloed IT systems need to be streamlined together for maximum efficiency. Otherwise, it is a major waste of time and resources for the city.

Why use eCity?

Any small to medium sized governments with inefficient, siloed IT systems.